Secret Santa.

    The team will be participating in a Secret Santa. It will be held just after Christmas (27th/28th-ish) in order for people to do exams and finals in school. The idea of this was our Chris Kent’s. 

    The first character listed buys for the second.

    For example, Chris buys for Colin, and Colin buys for Irey.

    Lian is always practicing. She has a good aim.

    Anonymous asked:
    I know almost all the kids, who's drake?

    Under special requests and conditions, I am willing to accept a few Original Characters. One of those OCs being Drake, a fan made son of Dinah Lance and Oliver Queen. He too, like Black Canary, has a canary cry.

    Rules And Guidelines


     In Action: Used for things such as face-to-face conversation. To use add to the beginning of the message after and after any recipients. 

    (DM) Direct Message: Used for phone calls, text messages, etc. To use add to the beginning of the message after and after any recipients.  

    Regular tweet, NO (IA) or (DM) message: Used when you character is actually on Twitter, example updating their status or replying to someone else’s status. To use, do not add an (IA) or (DM) to the message. Simple enough.

    - -  Verb: Used when adding an action if needed.  Try not to use a lot of verbs. To use, write the action between the dashes.

    // Italics: Used to empasis. Use when needed. To use, put the desired words between the slashes.

    < > Angle brackets: Used when using a PA system or some form of announcement. To use, put the brackets on either ends of message. 

    • When mentioning someone who isn’t present use the character name or a nickname, not their username (@username). Only use usernames when talking to the person.
    • Keep swearing to a minimum if its needed.
    • Try and stay away from out of character messages. We will have a chat where you can talk OOC or you may use the actual private Twitter DMs. If you need to write a OOC message write OOC then your message. Its also suggested you enclose the full message in double brackets or perhaps, square brackets if you want. For example, one could post ((OOC: I need to get off for a bit, I’ll be back soon.)). The italic’s are not nessosary here. They are just so its easier to see the example.
    • If your character is talking with someone (IA), but also talking with someone on Twitter or (DM), your character is then multitasking. For example, the character you are talking with (IA), may take notice you are also talking with someone perhaps by text message. 
    • Make sure you follow all the characters to your  character’s Twitter. You may follow other accounts but please don’t roleplay with characters outside the roleplay. There have been many problems in past roleplays because of this. If you are unsure if someone is in the roleplay, perhaps you think they may be a new character, just ask me. However, when ever someone joins, I’ll make a post to announce we have a new character for you to follow and also to welcome them to our group. The Twitter Masterlist and Taken Characters pages will also be updated upon the new characters joining.
    • Please be kind to your fellow roleplayers. If there is a problem, let me now and I will handle the situation.

    If you have any further question please feel free to send an ask

    Anonymous asked:
    I must say I love the idea behind a Young Justice 2.0! What inspired you to do this? :)

    It all started about two weeks ago. I had a dream of them all as a team and it’s was really awesome. When I woke up, I kept thinking to myself how it would be a great idea for a roleplay. Though I still wasn’t sure if I was going to make it, but after talking to our Lian and Colin, I decided too. They loved the idea so I figured I would give it a go. :)


    Damian Wayne - @sonofabat 
    Christopher Kent - @KryptoKid
    Colin Wilkes - @cute_colin 
    Iris West II - @ImpulsiveGURL
    Drake Lance-Queen - @lil_black_bird 
    Lian Harper - @TheArrowKid
    Jenny Quantum - [not made yet]

    Some ideas of characters thats are still available are Jai West, Maxine Baker, Aleea Strange, Nell, Sin Lance, Milagro Reyes, and Ramsey Spencer.

    Forever alone. ;3;

    Poor Chris got lost~

    Irey, you are so cute~

    Today’s the day.

    Today is our official first day, so welcome.

    We currently have Damian Wayne, Colin Wilkes, Christopher Kent, and Iris West II, who all have there Twitter accounts up. And soon to follow are Lian Harper, Drake (OC), and Jenny Quantum. 

    We still have many available character such as Jai West, Ramsey Spencer, Aleea Strange, Maxine Baker, Nell and Milagro Reyes, along with many more.

    Our group’s chat is now officially up as well. You can come in anytime. Come chat here.  

    I thank you all again for joining our group and for your support.

    Love your mod. 

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